Greenwich Village private investigator Lauren Laurano feels like a fish out of water in the Long Island countryside, but she is taking some R&R from big-city crime to please her lover. But when Lauren is hired to investigate a suspicious suicide, the town’s prominent citizens close ranks—and the remote vacation spot begins to look less charming and more lethal. Anyone who suggests there is trouble in paradise quickly turns up dead. And Lauren may be next on the list of casualties… .

“Scoppettone [is] a mystery veteran and one of the best around … Her thoughtful musings on love, sex, and long-term commitment will resonate with those of any sexual persuasion, and her characters are all quirky and unique. This one deserves careful reading.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Scoppettone is a sophisticated old pro who writes engagingly and with just the right degree of menace.”
The Women’s Review of Books

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