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From Top Suspense…the name you can count on for great e-books, novellas, and short stories.

Kevin Dangler is a once-famous author desperate to regain his lost glory while traveling the back-roads of middle America, selling remaindered, fifth-editions of his first book out of the trunk of his car. When he meets a woman who loves his work, he believes she might be his salvation…or perhaps his nightmare.

This story was an Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Choice finalist and has previously appeared in the anthologies “Three Ways to Die” and “Top Suspense.”

BONUS FEATURE: The story contains a link to a free, streaming video of the acclaimed movie version of “Remaindered,” written & directed by Lee Goldberg.

Critical Praise for REMAINDERED:

REMAINDERED is brilliant! Hilarious, suspenseful, with booksigning sequences that induce PTSD… bravo!” Barry Eisler, bestselling author of “Hard Rain.”

REMAINDERED was such a hoot. I loved everything about it and had so much fun. More awesomeness from Lee Goldberg,” Sara Gran, author of “Dope” and “Come Closer.”

REMAINDERED was so well done on some many levels,” Naomi Hirahara, bestselling author of “Blood Hina.”

“A most enjoyable mini-feature. Professional all the way from screenplay to actors to direction. I must say I also laughed at all the touches of wry comedy. Lee Goldberg has the goods,” William Link, Emmy Award winning writer/co-creator of “Columbo” and “Murder She Wrote”

REMAINDERED, is a smooth piece of business – not only crisply directed and acted, but with a sense of humor that resists the temptation to go over the top offered by the film’s content. REMAINDERED is a hoot, a low budget production with a big heart and exceptional values, a twenty minute film that keeps you holding your breath until it explodes with laughter,” Paul Bishop, author of “Twice Dead” and host of the upcoming ABC reality series “Take the Money and Run.”

“The story was great and the actors were outstanding,” Joel Goldman, author of “No Way Out.”

“I loved REMAINDERED!” Daniel J. Hale, co-author of “Red Card.”

“Very entertaining. Hard to believe it was directed by a first-timer. And I loved the soundtrack,” Matt Witten, writer/producer of “House,” “Medium” and “Law & Order.”

“I enjoyed REMAINDERED immensely,” Hal Ackerman, author of “Stein Stoned” and co-chair of the screenwriting department of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

“One of the highlights of Bouchercon - the world mystery convention - was watching Lee Goldberg’s independent film REMAINDERED. If it comes to a film festival near you, don’t miss it. It rocked the house,” Julie Kramer, author of “Silencing Sam.”

“A marvelous script. Haven’t heard that much out loud laughter from an audience in a long time,” Robert S. Levinson, author of “Ask a Dead Man.”

REMAINDERED is terrific,” Ken Levine, Emmy-award winning writer/producer of “MAS*H” and “Cheers.”

“Really well done and hilarious,” Sheila Lowe, author of “Written in Blood”

“This twenty-minute film is funny, sharply observed, and very well put together. It might be a low-budget production, but it doesn’t look it. The actors are having fun, and Goldberg gets the most out of every shot,” Bill Crider, author of “Outrage at Blanco.”

“Stinging and accomplished…the tale is as well-turned as you’d expect from a pro and it takes imaginative flight from a reality that’ll be recognized by anyone who has ever faced the world over a stack of books at a signing table,” Stephen Gallagher, author/writer/creator of the hit BBC TV series “The Eleventh Hour.”

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