“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child; for what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestral history?” “Roman Philosopher/Statesman Cicero” Within a worldview concept encyclopedically-defined, the term ‘Reality’ means ‘the state of things as they ac-tually exist’! Thus, in its widest-sense today, such a state includes everything that {IS} whether or not observable and/or comprehensible! ‘Reality’, in this sense, therefore, may include both ‘Being’ and ‘Nothingness’, whereas, ‘Existence’ - being more in-tune with reality - is restricted to Being as it is compared with its ‘Nature’!
‘Reality’, as a ‘Philosophical Category’ tends to include conceptual ‘Nothingness’ - replete with ‘articula-tions’ and various ‘re-combinations’ and/or concepts possessing-extensions purposefully-built-into otherwise Natural/Physical objects! Such extensions being directly-due to a process called ‘Scholasticism’!
In the strict sense of Western Philosophy consequently, there are now many more ‘obsequious-levels/gradations’ academically-applied to Nature that truly and systematically distort ‘Reality’! These levels include aspects from ‘most-objective’ to ‘most-ridiculous’ and as such - equate as ‘Phenomenological-Reality’ which in philosophy represents ‘the science/study of the phenomena of things as they are perceived’ - as opposed to the ‘study of Being’ that truly-represents the ‘Nature of Things’ as they are!
As we see it, such processing - literally and virtually - distorts truth’ with ‘purported fact’ making ‘Reality’ not only ‘subjective’, but giving it an ‘axiomatic’ venue that can [only] ‘appear’ as being ‘self-evident’ - but - nonetheless ‘accepted as true’ by those so-indoctrinated! Put simply, ‘Now’ is our {Only} moment! This being so, it is ‘Now’ that car affect our survival and well-being past the state of ‘Now’! While [change] represents a consistent-agitation, if we are to face our real-to-life-authenticity, we must [not] continue to be locked-within the past… as are the most notable aspects of [practiced] ‘SuperNaturalisms’ - all such [features] are uncon-scionably-preached as ‘after life glories’ foretelling of future in some ‘Holy-Haven’ no one can define!
Since the principle of adults accepting what is claimed to be “reasonable” as pertains to opinion, belief, and/or conduct, but which is not well-founded, is defined as “Rationalism”! Such can also be used as a tech-nique for distorting history by creating “special-effects” as satisfactory representations otherwise not compatible with Reality! Into this category, we place the “SuperNatural” and “Miraculous”! As regards the term “Rational-ism” according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, it is a term “used to designate any mode of thought in which hu-man reason holds the place of supreme criterion of truth” and is “especially applied to such modes of thought as contrasted with faith as Atheism, Materialism, Naturalism, Pantheism, Skepticism, etc. and - as such - “a ration-alistic tendency has always existed within philosophy”!
According to Webster’s “to rationalize” is to use/rely upon “reasoning” in forming a theory, as it being sound - especially in matters of religion tending to assert “principles of rationalism” to make a contentious point less-so! While philosophy is also “rationalistic”, it is also in this sense that Theists employ “rationalized reasoning”: to induce a change of perspective open to dispute! Through this process, one can proceed into a “for or against” argument presented in such a way that tends to provide a more-logistical-sense-of-fact” used to settle a dispute and, therefore, it concluded within “an agreement to disagree”! Taken as viable within its prescribed-spiritual-revelations, often does offer a basis for understanding - accepted as “unchangeable and inflexible” but is traditionally-founded upon long-term belief in, devotion to, or trust in something lacking evidence!

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