Are you tired of settling for average women you’re not totally crazy for?

Ever felt like your feet were locked to the floor when you were about to walk up to an attractive woman to introduce yourself?

Do you loathe being told “I like you more as a friend?”

Are you sick of your friends getting girlfriends, but you can’t seem to score one?

Still trying to court “the one” girl for you, but can’t seem to get it right?

Do you have conversations with women that don’t flow well and have dreaded awkward silences?

Your Friends Are Going To Hate You After You Learn This stuff


How to attract women you are interested in
The key character qualities you MUST have to attract gorgeous women
How to gain the confidence that women are magnetically attracted too
How to dress to attract women and put yourself above the herd of average looking guys
How to groom so that top quality women notice you
How to show a woman without using money that you can take care of her
How to not do anything that turns women completely off
How to avoid appearing clingy, needy, and desperate
How to act so women naturally respect you without coming off like a jerk
How to treat a woman so she keeps thinking about you so much after the first date you’re phone will be ringing the next day
How to appear smooth (even if you’re a total klutz)
How to get physical with women in a way that won’t get you rejected
How to know when time is right to go in for the kiss
How to become a “leader type” that women are naturally attracted too
How to become the guy that women tend to be naturally attracted too
How to use body language that “alpha men” use to attract women without speaking.
How to use a sure fire way to quickly find out if a woman is interested in you, and it’s NOT asking her!
How to use chivalrous gestures women love but many a “modern” man has forgotten
How to tease and have fun with women in a way that instantly sparks attraction making you irresistible
How to physically flirt with women to ramp up the attraction level
How to verbally flirt with women in a way that will make them want to initiate getting physical with you
How to approach women in a way that they are immediately interested in you
How to successfully beat approach anxiety and keep it a bay
How to avoid appearing like a creepy stalker
How to talk to groups of women
How to “own” a room so that everyone notices your arrival.
How to leave voice mail to setup a date
The best places to go on a first date to save money, have fun, and minimize time investment.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Having Trouble Meeting And Attracting Women.

You were simply never taught what you need to do to meet beautiful women. If you’re like me, you were always taught by your parents and friends that you should always treat women like princesses (never swear, always be very nice, etc). You were never taught what you needed to do to sexually attract women

This book is different because it condenses only the essential information you need to know to be successful, saving you tons of time and frustration.

You will learn in the Geek’s Guide to Dating eBook how to successfully do all of these things and more. You will develop the confidence to walk up to any woman you find attractive or interesting and easily strike up conversation without fear of rejection. You will easily make women notice you while still being subtle.

As soon as you start reading the book you can implement what you learned the same day!

The things you will learn from this eBook are applicable in all areas of life where it’s beneficial to have people on your side as well, not just dating.

89 pages

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