A tale of celebrity, catastrophe & ‘The Rules’ - Manhatten Style.

When Wild-Child London Journalist Anna encounters drop-dead gorgeous Mark in the Tribeca Grill restroom, she can hardly believe her luck - and no more can she weeks later, when he seems to have become a permanenet fixture in her life. But there’s nothing like a pregnancy scare to rock the boat!
Enter Topsy, Anna’s larger-than-life, celebrity feminist mother, with her chat-show philosophy on love. In her view, there is only one answer to Anna’s baby dilemma. But what is Mark hiding from Anna, and do the two of them have a future together?
A tale of celebrity, catastrophe & ‘The Rules’ - Manhatten Style.

‘Just when you thought you had seen it all on Sex In The City, Tyne O’Connell wades in with this tale of wild child English columnist on the loose in New York who hitches up with a cautious American lawyer. Mark has thus far managed to resist the siren call of love, but Anna, with her spray on dress and a shoe-box Everest in the bedroom, has got him completely hooked. And then there is a pregnancy scare. Who is going to run first - Mark or Anna?’ - Marie Claire

Praise for Tyne O’Connell:

‘Crucial Reading’ - Cosmopolitan

‘A spirited page-turner that is high on humor’ - Company

‘Lightening-fast comic twists’ - Elle

‘Bridget Jones on speed’ - Guardian

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