Crucial Reading’ - Cosmopolitan UK

“A tale of celebrity, catastrophe & ‘The Rules’ – Manhatten Style.”- Publishing News UK

“Evelyn delivers some superbly sassy one-liners in this hilarious romp. Definitely a book for the modern girl.” CHAT

Based on the author’s own relationship with her mother the story is told in the alternate voices of Anna; a New York columnist who refuses to “grow-up” & her maddeningly eccentric mother Topsy; an overpowering, interfering, hilarious celebrity-chat show host (think Joan Rivers meets Ad Fab). 

While the American public can’t get enough of British Topsy and her forthright views on women “having it all”  Topsy’s relationship with her own daughter is more fraught.
Topsy’s latest crusade is the modern girl’s need race against her own biological clock.  

When her wild-child daughter Anna encounters drop-dead gorgeous Mark in the Tribeca Grill restroom, he thinks he’s found a strong, wild, independent perfect woman, Anna thinks she’s found a perfect God Boy/Man. But while she’s still deciding whether Mark’s for fun or keeps or simply too good to be true, she discovers she’s late…

Before you can say Topsy Turvy Anna finds herself at the centre of a perfect Eggs-on-Ice Media Storm. 

“Both a fast-paced comedy of errors and a heartfelt romance, Tyne O’Connell’s classic novel proves that when it comes to winning someone else’s heart the first step is being true to your own…” Booklist USA

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