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The race is on for every girl to achieve the perfect body, the perfect career the perfect boyfriend and ultimately all being well, a husband and baby. The trouble is, we are all racing against our biological clock. No one wants to hit their 40th Birthday and realise – Whoops! How exactly did that happen?

When wild-child London journalist Anna encounters drop-dead gorgeous Mark in the Tribeca Grill restroom, sparks explode. He thinks he’s found a strong, wild, independent, perfect woman, while Anna thinks she’s found a God Boy/Man. But while Anna’s still wondering whether Mark’s just for fun or for keeps…or whether he’s just too good to be true, she hit’s a pregnancy scare.

Anna is hit with the full force of her overpowering, interfering, eccentric, celebrity-chat-show-host mother (think Joan Rivers meets Ad Fab) obsessed with women achieving it all and a tangle of missteps, misunderstandings, dilemmas and desires. Suddenly Anna finds herself in the centre of a perfect Eggs-on-Ice storm.

How would you live your life if you could stop your biological clock? If you know that at anytime you could turn back time by freezing your eggs. Or can you? Anna takes us on a bumpy, hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, but always rewarding journey of discovery into what it means to be a twenty-something girl without children in the Big Apple.

One in five American women between the ages of forty and forty-four is childless. With half of those women saying they wish they could have children, Anna offers a message of fertility hope that even twenty-somethings who want to prolong their dating years do not need to fret.

That Girl-Boy Thing is Tyne O’Connell romantic comedy at full throttle – full of humour and emotional honesty, compassion and ultimately redemption.

‘Just when you thought you had seen it all on Sex In The City, Tyne O’Connell wades in with this tale of wild child English columnist on the loose in New York who hitches up with a cautious American lawyer. Mark has thus far managed to resist the siren call of love, but Anna, with her spray on dress and a shoe-box Everest in the bedroom, has got him completely hooked. And then there is a pregnancy scare. Who is going to run first – Mark or Anna?’ – Marie Claire

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“Bridget Jones on speed” The Guardian UK

“Brings to mind Kathy Lette and Jilly Cooper” Mail on Sunday UK

“Lightening-fast comic twists.” Elle

“Ab Fab meets Sex In The City!” The Telegraph UK

“Makes This Life look tame by comparison.” Independent on Sunday

“A spirited page turner that is high on humour.” Company

“Full of high octane court room drama, lashings of comedy and crackling with un-zipped one liners.” BookChitChats

“Readers will no doubt enjoy this glimpse into sophisticated London nightlife.” American Library Association

“O’Connell’s debut is a delightful, lighthearted romp around Hollywood and the world of reality television.” – Booklist on The Sex Was Great But…

“A right Royal read.” The Mayfair Time

“….Verdict: Funny exposé of It-girlschool life.” - Elle Girl UK

“Evelyn delivers some superbly sassy one-liners in this hilarious romp. Definitely a book for the modern girl.” CHAT

“A right royal read!” - Cosmo Girl UK

“Bridget Jones for the early teen set.” - Washington Post USA

“Budding Anglophiles ….will soak up the flood of upper-class British culture in this book” – WASHINGTON COUNTY COOPERATIVE LIBRARY SERVICES

“Outrageously funny and a serious contender for the teen chick-lit throne.” – Claudia Mody, THE BOOKSELLER

“It is sure to have fans of the previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA

“A tale of celebrity, catastrophe & ‘The Rules’ – Manhatten Style.”- Publishing News

“Wickedly Funny” – Publishing News

“Frothy and fast-paced” P

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