I bet you’re thinking of the popular Hollywood detox programs, aren’t you? The coffee colonic, extreme purging, torturous enemas and such… well, don’t! Not going torture you, promise!
I’m far from being one of those extremists who preach raw diet or torturous detoxifying methods! I love and take care of my body, and I don’t like torture. I love food, and I enjoy every meal immensely. I just know what is good for me, and I know how to get rid of the toxins before they build up in my body.
Our bodies were made to get rid of toxins and waste efficiently - if and I underline this - if we eat healthy, unprocessed food.
However, because we can’t eat simple and organic diet anymore, thus we need a little helping hand in that department.
Eat healthy! Yeah, good advice, but what is healthy for you? Should everyone follow the same one size fits all diet? If you’d like to read about my advice on healthy foods, healthy lifestyle and the best supplements for your type, you might want to read my book “Keep your body healthy” which includes the owner’s manual or user guide for the body, what to eat and how to live healthy, what kind of vitamins, herbs and supplements promote optimal health, how to detoxify the body naturally, bizarre cravings and symptoms as well as vitamin deficiency and overdose symptoms.
In this book, I’ll tell you how I detoxify and protect my body by eating my favorite foods and using simple methods.

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