An unexpected discovery of an oil-gas aerosol field is found in the Caribbean Sea, China and the U.S., both starving for a sustainable source of energy, form an alliance that will bring control of the discovery under their sphere of influence. The Caribbean Island Nations are included in the forming of a Cartel, which soon jeopardizes the world’s oil based economy. The balance of world power is swiftly shifting, Central American countries are aligning with the highest bidder, Chinese troops are on the move, greedy oil companies are jockeying for drilling rights, sides are being drawn.
Island criminal gangs are fighting among themselves for the riches the Field will bring to their countries, using every weapon at their disposal: Voodoo spells, an Ebola pandemic, murder, kidnappings, reaching out to Key West, Miami, then rolling down to Kingston where the Cartel Summit is about to explode into an International power struggle.
John Locke, sobering up in Key West, is pulled into the maelstrom by agreeing to help a friend out of the jam he’s caught in by being the one that discovered the Field. Both men are way over their head, as the political maneuvering and scheming starts, soon Locke is on an assassin’s hit list along with the Vice President of the United States.
An armada of warships are in a stand-off, waiting for the other side to blink, Cartel Leaders are meeting in Kingston, among threats of violence and assassination, John Locke is searching for the killer, determined that only one of them will walk away alive.
An explosive climax that will leave you begging for more.

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