An Interactive,Practical ,and Stunning 21st century book on Selling

Eight Key Factors to Score a Touchdown by Practicing Fundamentals of Selling

Master Product Knowledge
Recognize Customer Needs
Practice Selling Skills
Execute Marketing Plans
Game Plan to Score a Touchdown in Selling
Sales Mantra
Fifteen Touchdowns Platinum Rules
Six Ways to Sell During Tough Economic
Selling is like professional sports as it is based on performance.Twelve Examples similar to Football have been cited in the book.

Achieve Sales Goals and Improve Revenues

“I shall recommend Touchdown: Eight Key Factors to Successful Selling to my Entrepreneurship students at Suffolk University for practical suggested reading as they prepare to launch their business ventures. I am sure that they will benefit substantially.”

Sushil Bhatia PhD, MBA, Professor & Executive in Residence, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Listen to the Voice of Experience

D.N.Chadha, B.A., M.A., shares his knowledge, expertise, and experience in direct sales and sales management over a period of 30 years in both established and start-up companies. He has successfully executed the eight key factors he recommends by working in the trenches with his customers and sales representatives. He will take the readers through all the important phase of selling and train them to become professional salespersons. .

Six ways to sell during tough economic times

. D.N.Chadha coaches six ways to adjust and change strategies to sell during an economic downturn. Selling is like professional sports as it is based on performance. Twelve examples similar to football have been cited in the book.

Who must read and practice Eight Factors to Score a Touchdown in professional selling?
Everyone who is engaged in the professional selling of a product or service in any sector, including pharmaceutical sales, financial consultants, stockbrokers, real estate brokers, software and hardware sales, and retail. Even doctors, lawyers, and politicians are selling their services. Touchdown can help you sell effectively to your customers and clients.

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