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Not sure how to approach the �big talk� with your child about drugs? Introducing your complete crash course: �Talk to Your Kids About Drugs: The How-To Guide� � a fun, fact and resource-filled Vook that guides you through the process of discussing drugs with your child. Download it now!

In eight easy-to-digest chapters, you�ll be guided seamlessly through the most important facts and considerations when preparing to talk with your child about drugs. First, you�ll learn some important statistics about drug use in minors, and all about the types of drugs your child may be exposed to. Then you�ll learn about the right timing for your talk, what types of social interactions your child may have at school, and what to expect from your child as they enter their teen years. Finally, you�ll learn how to tell if your child might be experimenting with drugs, how to cope as a family, and what steps to take if you suspect your child has entered an even more serious phase: addiction. Tips and links throughout provide added dimension and resources to help parents prep for this crucial conversation.

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