Emma Wren has the power to destroy kingdoms, she just doesn’t know it. She has no reason to suspect that she’s anything but a regular teenager until two goblins and a spell-slinging stranger abduct her father. Then things get weird.

Emma soon discovers that her family’s roots lie not in the human world, but in a parallel world inhabited by two enemy races: the aristocratic, magically gifted Fay and the winged, bloodthirsty Slaugh. As the long lost heir of a Fay bloodline, Emma finds herself aligned with the Fay even though they seem less than eager to help her. A Slaugh rebel named Lev Hartwig proves to be a more valuable ally in Emma’s quest to get her father back. Together they uncover a plot that could mean the end of the Fay kingdom. At the center of the plot lies a flute with terrible power—power that only Emma can wield. She must decide what is more important: getting her father back, or saving thousands of Fay.

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