Neon Dream

Ron Whatley, Joe Tibble
MHT Publishing Co , English

Dee and Dee’s adventures started in the Sixties, regarded by many as a somewhat mad decade. Well, to quote Mark Twain: ‘When we remember we are all mad…life stands explained.’ This narrative follows on; the ensuing years containing as much insanity and inanity for the main protagonists - Dee and Dee: two rockers off their rockers so to speak.

Pete Durrant literally went through a period of near lunacy when, assailed by guilt connected to extra marital flings, weakened by alcohol and an inadequate diet, he donned a jellabah, threw himself on his knees and frantically sought religion. Coming upon this spectacle, his wife was naturally taken aback. Suzie Durrant was - is - the typical wife of the self seeking hedonist. She had put up with a lot from Pete, and his crazy friend and partner in music, but she was much too pragmatic to ponder the ifs and buts of the man in her life. Pete, however, reached a point when he was gripped by self analysis. It led him to consult a fortune teller. The fact that this clairvoyant was a highly sexed young woman, and a friend of Suzie, yet who was able to soothe Pete’s fevered brow, only added to his own mystery and history.

1969 saw the madness touching everybody, especially those caught up in the music business. Roy Daner split from Pete and became lost in a drug oriented world which had begun to engulf many. Pete Durrant found that he was a lone star in the rock music domain. He formed a new band soon after Dee and Dee split up.

Woodstock, Altamont, Charlie Manson, Vietnam. The GI’s in ‘Nam, fueled on a diet of dope and hip music, voted Creedence Clearwater as their favourite band. It is doubtful whether Suzie Durrant knew or even cared about that musical fact but a song title came to her in one of her rare moments of introspection…

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