The SRC S&P 500 e-Book of 12-Year Charts.

SRC Publishing , English

The SRC S&P 500 e-Book of 12-Year Charts offers the reader important long-term investment information on 500 large-cap common stocks traded in the United States.
One of the most widely followed indexes, the S&P 500 focuses on 500 publicly traded companies (mostly U.S based) listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ. The S&P 500 is deemed a future indicator for the U.S economy and is closely followed by professional and private investors alike.
Within the SRC S&P 500 12-Year Chart e-Book, each of the 12-Year Charts graphically traces the monthly price ranges, growth performance measurement, moving averages, trading volumes, capitalization data, plus earnings and dividends. All data has been fully adjusted for stock splits and dividends and key events in the company’s history are noted on each chart.

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