New York - A Sketch of the City’s Social, Political, and Commercial Progress from the First Dutch Settlement to Recent Times by Theodore Roosevelt.
The history of New York as told by the Empire state’s 33rd Governor of New York (1899 - 1900), and one of America’s most beloved Presidents (1901 – 1909) Theodore Roosevelt.
For Roosevelt New York history is really his families history as The Dutch Roosevelt family, immigrated to New York in mid-17th century.

Hendrik Hudson’s discoveries—Spirit of exploration—Conquests of Spain and Portugal—Sea-rovers of Holland and England—Settlements on the Atlantic Coast—Effect of battle of Lutzen on America—Exploration of the Hudson River—The fur trade Purchase of Manhattan Island—New Amsterdam founded Indian wars and massacres

Seizure of New Netherlands by the English New Amsterdam becomes New York The Beginning of English Rule. 1664-1674. Race prejudice—Aristocracy—Refusal of right to elect representatives

Recapture of New York by the Dutch—Abolition of Indian slavery—Contemplated invasion of New England—

Expedition against Canada—Privateering—

The Growth of the Colonial Seaport. 1691-1720.
Wars with France—Self-government—Shipping industries—Privateers and pirates—Slave trade—Foundations of large fortunes—Freebooters—Governor Fletcher’s connivance at piracy—Administration of Fletcher—Smuggling—Recall of Fletcher—Active measures against pirates—Career of Captain Kidd—
The Closing of the Colonial Period. 1720-1764.
English the official language—King’s College—Social lines—Social customs—Sports—Armorial bearings—Dutch festivals—Education—Constituents of New York society—Labor—Negro slavery—Negro insurrection—

The Unrest before the Revolution. 1764-1774.

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