What do a traveling Saudi Arabian princess, seven aspiring fashion models, a doctor’s receptionist and a promiscuous newspaper reporter have in common? Most of them spent time naked in a makeshift dungeon known locally as the ‘Cowstail Keep,’ and most of them ended up in a mass grave.

In the tiny, bucolic town of Cowstail, Georgia, an unlikely set of events brings together an equally inconceivable coalition—brilliant investigative reporter Robert Wilke, Agent Sally Collins of the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, a little girl’s hound dog, and an allegedly dim-witted, pig-farming teenager, Justin Stubbs—to disentangle a sudden and shocking series of kidnappings, rapes and murders. Each of the crimes is seemingly related to an Internet sexual predation ring, and, as it happens, the crimes ARE all connected. But, much to the dismay of hometown girl, Sally Collins, the intrigue didn’t unfold the way the FBI and the Secret Service have it figured…

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