Alani’s Bigger Hustle

Kai Storm
21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing , English
2 ratings

Growing up in the ‘80’s when crack was just becoming an epidemic was not easy for Alani but she used it to her advantage and learned quickly. She got her teachings from Tracy, a pedophile that targeted her as an easy conquer. While becoming Tracy’s sex toy, Alani observed and noted every trick and lesson needed to become a major player in the game. With these lessons and her three best friends; she did what it took to reach the top.
Everything was going so well that she decided to bring in a childhood friend that she hadn’t seen in years but never stopped thinking about, Angelique. But what Alani didn’t know is that this move would change the game forever.
Angelique was not the same person that Alani knew as a child. After living a life filled with prostitution just to survive, Angelique was jealous and full of hate and when got a taste of Alani’s fortune. Angelique wanted to do everything she could to destroy Alani and would stop at nothing.
Sex, drugs, money and murder. When in crime, never blindly trust anyone!

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