This is an account of the beginnings of the U.S. Peace Corps as experienced by Volunteers in the Philippines. The story touches upon the lives and work of hundreds of Volunteers and Peace Corps staff who served then along with countless Filipinos. Described here is everything from the “boot camp” of training and final selection to the first days overseas, the placement of Volunteers in their new home communities and the work they undertake in the schools, barrios and towns of the host country. There are many challenges but also sources of joy and satisfaction. Parts of the story are humorous, others sad or even tragic. Contains first-person accounts of the aftermath of a plane crash that takes the lives of two volunteers, and later a huge fire that destroys the main commercial district of the third largest city in the Philippines, including the Peace Corps office and a Volunteer household. This is the Peace Corps as lived by many young Americans and a substantial number of older Volunteers. The author becomes a Volunteer Leader and is reassigned from the island of Cebu to Mindanao in the southern Philippines. This leads to distinct developments including a strong romantic interest. He completes his tour but vows to return to work in the country.

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