Credit is a necessary tool for many people’s day-to-day lives. It may not be as powerful as ready cash but credit, good credit to be exact, has buying power!

Especially nowadays when money is very hard to find, the advantage of credit is that it gives us time to pay. It is an arrangement where a buyer is allowed to take ownership of something and pay for it over a specified period of time.

If we don’t have ready cash to dispose of at one time, we can buy on credit. If we plan to buy major items like a house or car, we can use credit to buy on long-term credit terms. The pay-later system of credit makes it easily affordable to pay the amount off in installment.

Borrowers with good credit ratings can easily borrow money from financial establishments. With a good credit score and history, you can avail of better terms for the loan given to you.

There are so many benefits with credit and we can enjoy those advantages only if we have good credit ratings. With the help of this book, you can understand what credit is and how you can establish it. What’s more, you’ll get expert credit tips from financial advisors to help you build a good credit history from scratch and maintain good scores to avoid bad credit ratings throughout your life so you can always enjoy the purchasing power that good credit can give you!

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