April 19, 1775: A Historiographical Study

Douglas Sabin
Sinclair Street Publishing, LLC , English
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Sinclair Street Publishing is proud to present Douglas Sabin’s masterful work on the battles of Lexington and Concord, “April 19, 1775: A Historiographical Study”. Described by noted historian David Hackett Fischer (“Paul Revere’s Ride”) as “indispensable”, Sabin’s work reconstructs each phase of the opening battle of the American Revolution, drawing from a rich variety of primary and secondary sources.

Ebook version has been newly updated to include Sabin’s report “The British Skull Controversy”. If you’ve previously purchased this title, contact Amazon customer support to update your Kindle library at no charge!

“What has always been lacking in the historical accounts of the clashes of April 19, 1775, is an objective, detailed account of the entire battle. Too often, the historical works have been either too brief or were written by amateur historians from a local point of view. The account contained in this historiographical study will provide a more complete and objective view of the American Revolution’s opening battle.”
-Author’s introduction

“…[Sabin’s work is] a major study, historical as well as historiographical, of the battles…For many aspects of its subject, this is the most full and careful investigation. It is an indispensable work for serious students of the battles [of Lexington and Concord].”
-David Hackett Fischer, “Paul Revere’s Ride”

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