Have you ever thought about writing your own book, but been frustrated with the lack of guidance out there for new writers? So many books have been written about becoming an author, but none of those books walk you through the process step-by-step and offer the kind of guidance, tools, and support that you need to make your dream of becoming author come true…until now!

It is impossible to go thru all the materials on the market and there are so many articles on how to write and edit a book that most people just get discouraged, most people just want to tell their story or pass on valuable information or techniques, yet it all looks so hard.

The Quick & Easy Author How-to book breaks the writing process down into easy, organized sections and provides worksheets to pave the way to author-hood.
Are you wondering why this program is the right program for you? Let us tell you, there has never been a program like this before! The 8 simple steps and guided worksheets (to fill out as you read to help you choose your topic, guide your research process, etc.) and the easy week by week process get YOUR book written in as little as 8 short weeks!

This is the program for you, because this program gives you results, and fast!
The Quick & Easy Author will even give you all the information you need to:

• Publish and SELL your book!
• Self-publish your book!
• Work with publishers!
• Write an amazing book proposal!
• Write professional press releases!

And best of all….

This program has proven to be a successful, easy way to start making book sales right away!!!

These successful writers took the best of their experience and research and compiled it into a simple, easy understand format that doesn’t just “talk at you” about how you should write a book, but instead, guide you with easy to understand chapters and worksheets that ACTUALLY HELP YOU WRITE YOUR HOW-TO OR SELF-HELP BOOK!

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