Man of her Dreams

Carolyn Faulkner
Blushing Books Publications , English

he last thing police lieutenant Holt Wyatt expected to see walking into the station was the woman he’d been silently coveting whenever he managed to cram in a workout. He was even more intrigued when she proceeded to admit - with a face that rivaled the color of the fire engines next door - exactly how and where she’d managed to acquire herself a stalker who had commenced a campaign of terror that already included much more than just the usual email harassment. He wasn<t sure exactly what it was about her, but just the thought of anyone threatening her raised every hackle he owned. And her more prurient interests sure were going to come in handy if he was going to keep this handful of woman from getting herself killed. Francesca Ballard thought she was going to melt into the floor as she had to confess the most intimate details of her personal life to a man she’d just met despite the fact that she’d been admiring his rock hard butt for quite some time from across the gym. He was her dream man - the one she’d never pretend to in this lifetime - and now he knew things about her she would never have voluntarily confessed under any other circumstances: that spanking turned her on, and that just the mere thought of it had her panties dripping … Especially if the spanker was one damnably sexy police detective.

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