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Trey Morgan is the Leader of Paradise and has been trying to track down and stop the smuggling that has started to occur on his planet. When his Earth ancestors settled on Paradise they wanted to prevent what had happened on Earth and preserve the natural beauty. Much of Trey’s duty to protect Paradise it at all costs, but he is unmated and his planet may be passed onto another relative to preserve and protect. When a ship crashes into the planet with only a one lone female aboard, his world is disturbed and his life is changed forever. This woman is the one fated to be his wife - the only one he can love forever - and she cannot even remember her name, or how she came to be on Paradise. Zabrina cannot remember the man who claims to be her husband. She does not recognize her surroundings but she knows that this place should be her home. Things are not always what they seem. Trey and Zabrina’s lives are in danger, as people want them dead and out of the way and yet neither of them knows why.

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