Reunion: A Supernatural Thriller

Jeff Bennington
Nexgate Press , English
5 ratings

Nominated 2013 Best Thriller and HARVEY AWARD from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book Blog.  FINALIST Thriller 2013  eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair.

David Ray makes the final arrangements before he walks into school to kill everyone who had tormented him over the years. As he gathers the guns and weapons into his car, he remembers the bullies and abusers that made him what he is… a freak… a monster. His life sucks because of them and they’re going to pay.

Although the survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder a small band of friends reunite, hoping for healing and closure. But there’s a problem; the school’s haunted and Nick, an alcoholic, is the only one who sees it. Is he crazy? Or is there something to his blathering? Nick may be going off the deep end, but he’ll do anything to prove he’s right.

What’s haunting Crescent Falls? Were they told the whole truth about David Ray’s death? Will a surprise visit from a seventh classmate have the answers they’re looking for? If they live through the reunion, the survivors might learn the truth about their past. 

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“Reunion tackles a controversial subject with dramatic insight and grace.”~ Scott Nicholson, bestselling author of The Red Church.

“When I started reading Reunion I was shocked by the quality of writing. Natural dialogue, good flow, interesting story, and efficient prose—it’s all in there. This book draws you in and doesn’t let go.” ~ Neal Hock, Bookhound’s Den

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