A few years ago we could basically pick and choose the job we wanted. If we were dissatisfied we moved on. Job mobility was the order of the day. Now, in far too many cases, outsourcing, downsizing, and/or rightsizing seem to be the order of the day. Job stability often appears to be little more than words found in a dictionary.

Here is a book that will enable you to beat out the competition. Your competition is all those people trying to get the same job you are trying to get. Let us face it, as far as you are concerned there is only one person that is going to get each job. As for the job you want, you want it to be you, not them. If you play your cards right, try as hard as you can, prepare yourself, and never give up, you will succeed. And this is what this book is all about … preparing and succeeding.

There are numerous FAQs, questions and answers, articles on Web, books, etc. on the market covering almost every conceivable topic, however, from an interview perspective it is not feasible to brush up on all these materials when you may not have much time. With technologies evolving so rapidly, it is hard for even the most knowledgeable professional to handle job interview with confidence and precise answers to tough technical and management questions. This is especially true when it comes to information about such vital new areas of job opportunity as software engineering, etc. The key objective of this book is to cover all the core concepts and areas which all software developers, designers, administrators, and architects should be familiar with to perform in their jobs or to do well in interviews. The interviewer can also use this book to ensure that they hire the right candidate depending on their requirements.

Software Development Questions and Answers is a one-stop reference that both beginning and experienced software engineers will use successfully in technical job interviews and countless on-the-job situations. Providing the answers to critical questions, from the simplest to the most advanced, this book is arranged to get you the information you need the moment you need it. You will find helpful explanations of crucial software development issues.

There are in all about 500 questions with detailed answers in single-spaced 250 pages so you do not have to worry about spending countless hours browsing the Web or text books for correct answers that get you succeed.

Key topics covered include: Software Development, Methodology, Models, Project Management, Extreme Programming, Agile Scrum, Process, Architecture, Design, Quality, Performance, Scalability, Reliability, Programming, Languages, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Programming, Aspect Oriented Programming, Software Estimation, Framework, Software Engineering Best Practices, Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Automation, Quality Engineering, Reviews, Service Oriented Architecture, Object Modeling, Data Modeling, Web Services, Web Architecture, Continuous Integration, Algorithms, Performance Tuning, Installation and Configuration, etc.

Please review the complete table of contents at http://books.basandra.com/seiqb/software-development-contents.html and sample answers at http://books.basandra.com/seiqb/software-development-sample-answers.html so that you know the content and quality of the book you are buying. More than 200,000 copies of author’s previous books have been sold. Please review author’s profile at: http://books.basandra.com/aboutus.html. By purchasing this book, you are eligible to get all future editions of this book free of cost.

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