The Phantom of Valletta

Vicki Hopkins
Holland Legacy Publishing , English
2 ratings

Hopkins takes the mysterious Ghost as her center, metaphorically taking off his mask in an attempt to make him the primary object of sympathy.”— The Sunday Times, Malta Newspaper Culture and Entertainment, August 22, 2010

Another chapter in the life of the infamous Phantom of the Opera, as penned by Gaston Leroux, continues when he leaves Paris and moves to Malta in search of a new beginning. Clothed in secrecy, he purchases The Royal Opera House in Valletta, which has been destroyed by a devastating fire. In an attempt to bury the pain of his past, restoration of the theater becomes his new obsession. He is determined to resurrect the structure from ashes and return it to glory.

However, the Ghost discovers that he cannot hide from those who seek retribution for his former sins and is forced to reap the consequences of his past. Will he survive the obstacles he encounters, or will this finally be his undoing and death?

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