In Search of the Tundra Daisy

Craig White
Publication Consultants , English

Disillusioned with life in the city, and spurred on by childhood dreams of adventure and discovery, a young geologist take a chance and moves his family to Alaska during the 1970s’ pipeline boom. Awed and humbled by the Great Land and its unpredictable inhabitants—animal and human—he begins a 20-year search for the elusive tundra daisy—a giant oilfield with the potential to put him and his discovery o the map. Unexpectedly, however, this young explorer’s search yields more than black gold when he discovers that life’s greatest lessons are often learned under difficult circumstances. A mix of harrowing, humorous, and heartwarming true stories, Craig White’s Tundra Daisy embodies the spirit of a real Alaskan, and recaptures a bygone era of discovery in the Last Frontier.

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