A quick reference book containing a broad set of physical laws and mathematical equations commonly used in Materials Science and Engineering. This book has been specially arranged for Kindle viewing. All units and prefixes are given in accordance with in the SI standard (The International System of Units).

Each entry has a bold image of the equation, nomenclature, description and TeX formatted version.

This is a must-have for Materials Science, Engineering and Physics students; also a great reference for academics and industry professionals.

Physical laws and mathematical equations are included for the following topics:

• Young’s modulus
• Hardness test
• Electrical testing
• Heat treatment
• Surface treatment
• Composites
• Polymers
• Diffusion
• Phase transformations
• Recovery & recrystallization
• Deformation
• Corrosion
• Resistivity / Conductivity
• Lasers

This book was adapted from the “Equations in Materials Science” package available at core.materials.ac.uk, originally created by The University of Liverpool

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