V. J. Chambers
Punk Rawk Books , English

Reese and Wyn, two psychic students at a special college, never intended to fall in love with each other. But an exercise in the spirit realm has gone wrong, and now malicious spirits have taken over their bodies, intent on recreating the doomed love of Guinevere and Lancelot.

Wyn and Reese aren’t the only students affected. It seems everyone in the school has fallen under the influence of ancient spirits. The headmistress, behaving like Morgan le Fay, makes advances towards Wyn’s boyfriend, who’s dreaming about pulling a sword out of a stone. Another student pines over Reese, a la “The Lady of Shallot.” But when these spirit games turn deadly, Reese and Wyn realize that unwanted romantic entanglements are the least of their problems.

The full power of the spirits will be unlocked if three people die. One already has. Reese and Wyn have to stop the spirits from killing anyone else, while resisting their growing desire for each other, or Lancelot and Guinevere will take over their bodies forever.

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