Pursuing a Career in Journalism: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Successful Journalist

This book covers several topics including:

Chapter 1: How To Start A Journalism Career
Chapter 2: How To Start A Career In Broadcast Journalism
Chapter 3: Careers In Print Journalism
Chapter 4: Choosing-the-right-school-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 5: How-do-you-break-into-a-journalism-career
Chapter 6: Freelance-writing-as-a-stepping-stone-to-journalism-career
Chapter 7: Journalism-career-in-broadcasting
Chapter 8: Applying-for-journalism-career
Chapter 9: How-important-is-a-degree-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 10: Interview-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 11: College-preparation-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 12: Jumpstart A Journalism Career
Chapter 13: Knowing-if-a-journalism-career-is-right-for-you
Chapter 14: Starting-with-a-journalism-career
Chapter 15: Opportunities-in-a-journalism-career
Chapter 16: Paving-the-way-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 17: The-price-of-a-journalism-career
Chapter 18: Qualities-to-possess-for-a-successful-journalism-career
Chapter 19: What You Need For Your Journalism Career
Chapter 20: Steps On How To Get A Career In Journalism
Chapter 21: Opening-up-the-doors-for-a-journalism-career
Chapter 22: Things You Need For A Journalism Career
Chapter 23: Things You Need To Start A Career In Journalism
Chapter 24: Qualities You Need To Have If You Want To Have A Career In Journalism
Chapter 25: What You Need To Know About A Journalism Career

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