What students say:
• “I am in my last semester and carry this book (and your Clot or Bleed book) wherever I go!!!!”
• “I think it is absolutely genius! This is so much better than reading through a dense textbook.”
• “You strike the perfect balance between detail and convenience. I will definitely use this to study for boards.”
• “Your book on hematopathology is excellent. My pathology exam here in Sicily is on February 25 and it helped very much.”
• “This is great. I’m using it as one of my resources for hemepath rotation….really useful. Thanks!!”

About the book:
The Complete (but not obsessive) Hematopathology Guide is a thorough but not-too-detailed study guide that covers all the information students need to know for a typical pathology course (and for boards). It begins with an introduction to hematology (with clinical pearls and laboratory tests), lays out a framework for understanding the differences between the big groups of disorders, then delves into the main diseases (anemia, benign leukocytoses, leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma).

What’s inside:
• 113 pages and over 27,000 words of essential hematopathology content
• 40 nice, clear, perfect-color photomicrographs (no blurry, obscure, or black-and-white crap)
• 13 little essays (called “Things to make you look smart”) that answer typical questions attendings will ask you on your clinical rotations
• A clear understanding of the 4 differentiating features of the leukemias (acute vs. chronic, myeloid vs. lymphoid)
• A review of the key morphologic features of all the white cells (and their precursors)
• Complete lists of the major immunophenotypic markers, cytochemical stains, and cytogenetic changes used in the diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas
• 40 study questions (and answers) addressing disease features most likely to be covered on exams

Bottom line:
The Complete (But Not Obsessive) Hematopathology Guide reviews the basic foundations of hematopathology and the essential details of all the important diseases with just the right level of detail: all the right stuff, none of the fluff.

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