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Past Lives Therapy was the first past life regression book to address the use of reincarnation as a source for therapy. It served as the foundation for on-going teaching programs in the United States. It also introduced the Netherton Method to clinicians in eight foreign countries where it has been translated. The book has remained a valuable source of information for those engaged in research and clinical practice since its publication. Although Dr. Morris Netherton is retired from full-time practice, his methods are continued at Past Life Therapy Center (www.PastLifeTherapyCenter.com).

NEW 2014 Special Edition with Past Life Therapy Center for all Kindle devices, including any e-reader or smartphone using the free Kindle app.
Also NEW by Dr. Morris Netherton and Dr. Thomas Paul: “Strangers In The Land Of Confusion: Past Lives Regression Therapy With Past Life Therapy Center” available on Amazon Kindle March 10, 2014.

Table of Contents: Preface by Walter Steiss, M.D.; Introduction; I.Finding Past Lives: Confronting the Crisis, The Method; II. Casework: Claustrophobia (Corey), Ulcers (Carl), Epilepsy (Lee), Male Sexual Problems (Henry), Female Sexual Problems (Sarah), Relationships (The Gordons), Alcoholism (Ben), Migraines (Harrison), Hyperactivity (Chuck), Incipient Cancer (Kay); III. Life Cycles: Life in the Womb, The Experience of Birth, The Experience of Death, The Space Between Lives, IV. Past Life Regression & Past Life Therapy F.A.Q.

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