Have you ever wrestled a Sabre Toothed Snarlophant, eaten jellied snakes on silver plates or been to Lollapalooza’s Emporium for tea? Have you ever had a pet Giraffe, played an Eskimo Gong or done the Dinner Dance of the Dum Dum Dee?

The Grand Old Man of Marlybone has been, has seen and has done all these amazing things and more. With his intrepid band of monkey friends, the Grand Old Man of Marlybone travels to places of magic and wonderment aboard his Twelve Wheeled Roto-Bicycle – complete with leaky bath and shower! So jump on board and come along for a fun filled ride into unknown mystical lands with the
Grand Old Man of Marlybone, to meet people and see things that you have never imagined before in this Kindle optimized Children’s Picture Book.

Cleverly written in verse, this beautifully illustrated fantastic adventure will captivate and entertain both parents and children alike. If there is one Old Man who has truly earned the title of Grand, it is the Grand Old Man of Marlybone – the worlds’ most amazing adventurer come to live in this new children’s book classic.

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