What factors does one need to take into consideration when starting up a company or organization? What questions does one need to answer before they can begin? Once those questions are answered, where do you go from there to ensure your success?

Leadership Unbound: A Primer for Leaders and Entrepreneurs, by Lawrence W. Corbett and Jerre L. Stead, has the answers to these questions and many more.

When Dr. Corbett suggested that he and Stead collaborate on a book to demonstrate the simple ways in which entrepreneurs in any field could develop a successful business, Stead quickly agreed. As president and CEO of Ingram Micro in the late 1990s, Stead developed a plan that led the company to unprecedented growth-from $8 billion to $30 billion in four years.

The combination of Stead’s business acumen and Corbett’s firsthand experience in establishing a successful new church was like lightning in a bottle. Readers will appreciate seeing how the tips and rules for success were actually applied to a successful venture that is still thriving to this day.

From the bare-bone basics, such as simply having a great business concept, to the minutest of details, Leadership Unbound: A Primer for Leaders and Entrepreneurs walks readers through the process of establishing a successful business from start to finish.

In clear, easy-to-understand terms, Corbett and Stead explain the ways in which a dynamic, forward-thinking pastor created a successful new church community in the middle of the desert by applying some basic business principles. Stead, as an accomplished business leader with decades of corporate expertise, clearly illustrates how anyone can apply these same principles to their own business venture with successful results.

In Leadership Unbound, Corbett explains his actions and thought processes leading up to the eventual establishment of Pinnacle Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of the first things he considered-and that anyone looking to start a business or other kind of organization must also consider-is coming to terms with the “risk of failure.”

Leadership Unbound offers practical suggestions for avoiding failure, such as doing your homework before doing anything else. Be clear in your vision and what you hope to accomplish and accept your personal and professional limits. These are but a few of the helpful suggestions readers will find in Leadership Unbound.

On accepting your personal and professional limits, both Stead and Corbett know the importance of engaging others in your venture that may have the skills you are lacking to help you succeed.

Corbett said of enlisting the help of others in establishing Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, “It was soon clear that it was imperative to empower others in this project. Who should they be? How could I identify and engage them? What should they bring to the project? Why would they be interested?”

“Larry knew the only way he was going to make it was to attract top grade people-and take a new and different approach, a very entrepreneurial, effective one. It’s important that a vision has the substance to stand the test of time, and the Pinnacle vision has had this from the start,” Stead remarked.

In the book, Stead parallels the development of Pinnacle Presbyterian with three start-up companies that began about the same time. He shares insights about what made GolfLogix, WorkWell Systems, and MD On-Line the successful companies they are today. He discusses what made the three companies and Pinnacle Presbyterian Church models for entrepreneurs everywhere.

“Planning questions” at the end of each chapter help keep the readers focused and on track, allowing them the chance to sit back and reflect on their own vision and to answer questions critical to their success.

Leadership Unbound is a primer based on years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and Presbyterian congregations throughout the U.S. and the world.

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