Big Enough for Five

Willa Okati
Torquere Press1 , English

Ryan and Baz and Marcus and Aidan figure they have it good. They have their own business, a thriving gay and lesbian publishing company. They have a huge bed. And they have each other. It works for them perfectly well, at least until Nicholas starts…watching. Nicholas has been working at the press a while when Ryan notices that Nicholas is looking more, and looking with intent. But Nicholas is too shy to mention it, and the others haven’t decided what to do about it. They had enough trouble accepting the dynamic of four. So it takes a lot of dancing to admit that might want to bring in someone else. The guys struggle through hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and lots of hot loving, all the while refining the relationships that make them what they are. Maybe they’ll find that their bed, and their hearts, are big enough for five after all.

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