A Room of My Own

Ann Tatlock
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas , English
3 ratings
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    I enjoyed this book. A nice mix of historical tidbits mixed with a coming-of-age plot.

A coming-of-age story chronicling the Great Depression’s impact on a young girl’s spiritual maturity.

“…this is a lovely story, unquestionably.” - Booklist, starred review

“…brings the Depression era to life.” - Library Journal

“…a well-crafted tale…infused with grace.” - Skyway News

“This remarkable coming-of-age story chronicles the Great Depression’s impact on a young girl’s spiritual maturity. Set in Minnesota in 1932, the story unfolds as 13-year-old Virginia describes her family’s life, irreparably changed by the Depression. Virginia becomes acutely aware of the Nation’s financial turmoil when her father, a doctor, asks her to accompany him to Soo City, the ramshackle shantytown outside the city limits. Virginia gains new perspectives on dignity, humility, compassion, and love when she meets the inhabitants, who’ve lost jobs and property. In this seamless and well-researched narrative, Tatlock provides a compelling look at the Depression through a child’s eyes. At the same time, she accurately conveys the exuberance, naivety, humor, and optimism typical of young teens. Historical details are informative and entertaining. The book’s characters have unusual depth, and the author’s riveting style makes reading this story a memorable experience for teenagers and adults alike.” - Susan Dunman, CBA Marketplace

“Some novels are well written. Some convey an important message. A Room of My Own shines both for its content and the loving, sensitive way it is conveyed. Writer Ann Tatlock vividly transports readers to the summer of 1932 and the comfortable world of 13-year-old Virginia Eide. Still largely untouched by the Great Depression, Virginia’s life revolves around her loving, prosperous family, her best friend, and their mutual dreams for someday marrying movie stars. Then Virginia’s world begins growing larger and less comfortable. Her laid-off uncle and his family must move into the Eides’ home. Virginia’s father, a physician, starts tending the homeless people who’ve built a village of shacks outside of town. As Virginia helps him bring aid to these desperately needy people, she begins to discover the joy of Jesus’ call to serve others. As her uncle is caught up by the violent opposition to his efforts to form a labor union, she learns that commitments often come at a sacrificial cost. This novel of faith in action will motivate and touch the hearts of believers, while displaying a narrative integrity that will also captivate those who do yet know Christ.” -A.S., Moody magazine

Imagine a time when your family’s doctor came to your home, even in the middle of the night, and never check your wallet before treating a member of your family. This is “Papa,” a principled doctor in “Hooverville” serving the needs of others during the Depression years.

“I wrote this a few years ago, before the ‘Obama-care’ controversy arose,” says author Ann Tatlock. “I still prefer the human touch, one in which God’s grace can even be called upon, to the government-dominated plans we face today.”

“A Room of My Own,” was awarded the Silver Angel Award by the late entertainer Steve Allen’s Hollywood-based Excellence in Media.

Ann Tatlock is the award-winning author of eight novels. She lives with her family in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

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