If you travel a lot, then this book is an essential reference book; collected inside are over a dozen of subway and metro maps for nearly every major city in the country.

Look for other map books in the future.

Chiba - Chiba Urban Monorail
Fukuoka - Fukuoka City Subway
Kitaky?sh? - Kitaky?sh? Monorail
Kobe - Kobe Municipal Subway
Kobe - Kobe Rapid Railway
Kyoto - Kyoto Municipal Subway
Nagoya - Nagoya Municipal Subway
Okinawa - Okinawa Monorail
Osaka - Osaka Monorail
Osaka - Osaka Municipal Subway
Sapporo - Sapporo Municipal Subway
Sendai - Sendai Subway
Tokyo - Toei Subway
Tokyo - Tokyo Monorail
Toyama – Toyama Light Rail
Yokohama - Yokohama Municipal Subway

Look for other map books in the future.

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