40 Awesome ways that you’ve never even considered using Craigslist for….

Ryan Hightower figured out a way to make a living, and travel (for free) 15-18 weeks out of every year, using only Craigslist. He has a passion for helping others find creative, out of the box solutions to every day problems, including earning extra income.

In this book you will find: how you can make an extra $50-100 EVERY day using Craigslist, how to travel and fly anywhere for FREE, how to buy the house or car you really want even if you have bad credit or no credit using Craigslist, how to forge new friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime using Craigslist, how to solve everyday problems using Craigslist…and much, much more.

The rights to PUBLISH this book ARE for sale at this time. Please contact the author/publisher at ryan.hightower@yahoo.com for more information.

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