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For fans of the New York Times bestseller THE YEAR OF FOG: the never-before-published original ending.

Spoiler alert: Please do not sample or download this ebook if you have not already read The Year of Fog.

A note from the author:
A few weeks before THE YEAR OF FOG went to press, I found myself agonizing over the ending of the novel. Was I saying too much? Too little? Should I tie up all the loose ends, or should I go with a more open-ended approach? Ultimately, I chose to leave the final chapter, chapter 82, out of the book. My hope was that readers would continue to think about Abby and Emma after the last page was turned, and that they would would form their own conclusions about the future of the novel’s heroine.

Since The Year of Fog was published in 2007, I’ve been fortunate to receive thousands of emails from readers, many of whom keep coming back to the same questions. I hope that Chapter 82 will satisfy their curiosity. For those who have asked if a sequel is in the works, I will say that, although I haven’t yet set pen to paper, I do find that Abby and Emma still haunt me. One day, I may yet return to the characters of The Year of Fog.

This e-book also contains a short essay entitled “Girl on the Beach,” which explains how a chance encounter with a young girl on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach nearly a decade ago inspired The Year of Fog.

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