“Wonderful dialog, great plotting, plentiful Hollywood tidbits, and literate prose; strongly recommended.”—Library Journal

“The first two series entries were fast-paced adventures. Without discarding that ‘Thin Man’ mood, Levinson has crafted a richer and more poignant novel.”—Los Angeles Times.

IMAGINE THIS—The truth is in the fiction as Robert S. Levinson draws on his personal experience at the highest levels of the music industry and with many people closest to John Lennon and the Beatles to weave a nerve-jangling thriller that puts the reader in the heart of the action.

IMAGINE THIS—Manhattan. December 8, 1980. 10:50 p.m.
A crazed fan steps out of the shadows of the Dakota apartment building across the street from Central Park and shoots dead his idol, John Lennon. Young Neil Gulliver, then an aggressive reporter with a small California newspaper, races to New York. He falls in with two of John Lennon’s dearest mates and begins relationships that will tie him to the secret world inside rock-and-roll for life.

IMAGINE THIS—Los Angeles. The present.
When Neil Gulliver, now a newspaper columnist in L.A., and his ex-wife, actress Stevie Marriner, agree to appear at the Imagine That! music festival honoring John Lennon, they suddenly find themselves dodging one murder attempt after another. Why? And why are so many other people once associated with Lennon dying violent deaths? Soon it becomes impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys or if, in fact, there is a difference between them.

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