Friends or Lovers

Rory Ridley-Duff
Libertary Editions , English

For every man who has lost love, and every woman who is searching for it.

Penny Leyton is one smart sexy woman on her way to the top. Bridget Jones she certainly is not, but she has the same chaotic approach to romance. Just as she is breaking through the glass ceiling, her boss Dave Stockton hints at a workplace scandal. Ablaze with moral outrage, Penny realises too late that one of her own friends is implicated and that she herself is part of the problem. Can she untangle herself from a hidden web of intrigue and save herself?

“Anyone who cares about love will give this book to their partner or spouse, sister or brother.”

- Dr. Poonam Thapa, Gender, Culture and Sexual Health Expert
From the Author
Friends or Lovers was written to explore aspects of workplace life that are difficult to publish in other types of writing. Although the book is fiction, many of the incidents and scenarios are similar to those that occurred during a period of study of workplace behaviour (see Emotion, Seduction and Intimacy for a non-fiction exploration of similar issues). I trust you will find the novel satisfying on many levels.

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