A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent

Caroline McGill
Synergy Publications , English
2 ratings

Engrossing, Brash, and Brimming with Emotion

When self-serving affairs threaten to ruin treasured relationships in the lives of Portia, Laila, Simone, and Fatima, will they find the moral and spiritual strength to accept their destinies?

Portia traded in her church roots for the XXX nightlife as the scene’s hottest stripper - Mystique. Street savvy and textbook intellect make “privates” easy targets for this 5’5” hourglass shaped vixen captivating the hearts and loins of many men. The ‘hood respects her, and the men in suits lust.

Jay, a thorough Brooklyn hustler en-route to record company executive delights in late night, prepaid sex-on-demand romps with this conniving kitten. But will the top dog in town make a lady of the night his lady? And if so, can Portia escape her past without penalties?

Simone is enjoying trips, jewelry, and extended lunches - perks from playing in the sheets with her married boss. When she learns that her supervisor turned sugar daddy, Kyle, has a deadly secret, can Simone cope with the discovery?

Laila, the meek, married mother of two feels her spouse Khalil is slipping away from their wedded union. He is aloof, and comes home late smelling of liquor and “other” sour stenches. Will Laila salvage her relationship?

Fatima, a verbose, control freak who’s had her share of unprotected sex becomes panic stricken after taking her first HIV/AIDS test.

Caroline McGill’s debut novel is an exhilarating fusion of sex, treachery, lust, vengeance, and murder. In this realistic, intriguing, suspense filled tale, readers will be exposed to a raw side of life that has yet to be revealed.

“If you have read “True to The Game” and “A Hustler’s Wife” you will fall head over heels in love with “A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent.”

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