Have you ever surrendered to the feeling of being engulfed?
“…when, as it often does in Southeast Alaska, the sky lowers until it sits on your shoulders. Rain falls in a steady white-noise hiss, dulling your senses, numbing your mind. It’s then, usually as you stand on a gravel beach, looking at the forest starting thick and menacing at the top of the scrim, a shiver hits you. Then your less rational side wonders who or what is staring at you from that forest, wanting you dead.”

Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska presents stories of darkness, mythology, and danger, examining the mysterious and unpredictable nature of life in Southeast Alaska, where perception and reality intermingle and conflict with puzzling and sometimes deadly results.

Watch a young man’s feelings for a beautiful woman turn from attraction to horror when voices from the aurora borealis tell him her terrifying secret in Shy Ghosts Dancing.

Be there when a man finally meets the predator he’s lived his life dreading in The Fear.

Join an adulterous young woman’s nocturnal vigils in a gold rush town cemetery, and share her discoveries there in Long Black Veil.

Learn how placing a want ad as a practical joke gets an unexpected response in Ghost Wanted.

Experience a Scottish-American family’s wonder as they discover that they live a legend of their ancestral homeland in Shelikof Bay.

And more … .

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