The Survivor’s Guide to Buying a Freehold answers all the questions being asked by flat leaseholders…

  • Should we be buying our freehold?
  • And if so, how much will buying a freehold cost?
  • How do we go about buying a freehold?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when buying a freehold?

The Survivor’s Guide to Buying a Freehold offers an excellent guide that steers the uninitiated homeowner through the minefield of property freeholds. Written in plain English, it makes a complicated subject accessible to all, and has an answer for every problem or difficult situation. Invaluable help for anyone involved in purchasing the freehold of their home.’ Lorna Bourke, former Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Independent

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act made it feasible for long leaseholders to buy their freeholds.But many residents wanting to do so face a David-and-Goliath challenge with freehold-owning landlords who may have deeper pockets, better lawyers, stronger organisational clout and the leisure of time.

With clear and simple tools and tips, property leasehold expert Kat Callo tells you how to go about buying a freehold successfully and with minimal fuss. The Survivor’s Guide to Buying a Freehold will save you money, time and effort and ensure that when you are buying your freehold you can maintain good relationships with your neighbours.

This guide covers:

  • Avoiding the stuttering start
  • Dealing with documentation
  • Demystifying the valuation process
  • The importance of preparation
  • Starting the enfranchisement process
  • Maintaining participant numbers
  • Managing the opposition
  • Negotiate or not?
  • Crossing the finish line
  • Beating burnout
  • Appendices
  • Case studies
  • Templates and example forms

Valid in England and Wales

The Federation of Private Residents’ Associations welcomes The Survivor’s Guide to Buying a Freehold, as we all strive to increase the knowledge and day-to-day practical experience of buying a freehold.’ Robert Levene, Chief Executive, Federation of Private Residents’ Associations

Callo…an expert on enfranchisement…acts as a consultant to leaseholders, and has just published The Survivor’s Guide to Buying a Freehold, a practical guide to the process.’The Independent

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