Sequestered Hearts

Erin Dutton
Bold Strokes Books , English
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A popular artist suddenly goes into seclusion; a reluctant reporter wants to know why; and a heart locked away yearns to be set free. Sometimes the greatest test of love is the willingness to take a chance when there are no guarantees. At the peak of her career, painter Cori Saxton’s life changes irrevocably. With her future suddenly uncertain, she seeks refuge at her country home in Upstate New York where she successfully manages to shut out most of the world—until journalist Bennett McClain is assigned to get the story. Soon Cori has to remind herself that the charming reporter is simply there to do a job, even though something about the woman makes her want to reveal all her carefully guarded secrets. When Bennett accepted the assignment, she didn’t expect to find Cori so attractive, on so many levels. Cori’s intensity and energy are more appealing than down-to-earth Bennett cares to admit. But when Bennett discovers the truth behind Cori’s seclusion, she is torn between a desire to soothe away Cori’s pain and the instinct to flee that is born of her own painful past.

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