Faking It

Elisa Lorello
Lake Union Publishing , English
16 ratings
  • pitter81 added a soundbite 3 years ago
    Decent romance read, I enjoyed that the author didn't have drones of internal dialogue.
  • Colene added a soundbite 4 years ago
    It was pretty good!
  • zasha added a soundbite 4 years ago
    Pleasant surprise. I loved the Long Island references

After breaking off her engagement, thirty-something writing professor Andi Cutrone abandons New England for her native Long Island to focus on her career and start over. When she meets Devin at a cocktail party, the sight of an honest-to-goodness male escort shocks her—and fascinates her more than a little. Months later, Andi impulsively calls Devin. Over cheesecake in Brooklyn, she offers him a proposition: he will teach her how to be a better lover, and in return, she will give him writing lessons. He agrees, and together they embark upon an intense partnership that proves to be as instructive as it is arousing. For in the midst of lessons in rhetorical theory and foreplay, Andi and Devin delve into deeper questions about truth, beauty, and self, gradually coming face-to-face with the issues at the core of their emotional limitations. Smart, witty, and introspective, Faking It is an engrossing novel about two people discovering their authentic selves.

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