The Baby Thief (A Romantic Thriller)

L.J. Sellers
Spellbinder Press , English
3 ratings

As a thirty-two-year-old,single restaurant manager, Jenna McClure is all too aware of her ticking biological clock. Elizabeth Demauer, a fertility clinic doctor, helps her patients bear children—a joy she can never share.

But these two women have more in common than just a yearning for motherhood. When they cross paths, Elizabeth sees not only the sister she never knew existed but the
once-in-a-lifetime chance to realize her deepest desire…by any means necessary.
Together with her lover—a rogue physician and charismatic cult leader—Elizabeth masterminds the ultimate theft.

But their carefully laid plans could be derailed by Eric Troutman, the heroic reporter who’s fallen in love with Jenna and will stop at nothing to solve her sudden disappearance. And the more his relentless investigation tightens the noose around Elizabeth and David, the more their “victimless crime” threatens to become anything but.

“This is an excellent piece of suspense work…a pulse pounding, thrill ride, can’t put down, page-turner of a novel.”—Readersviewpoint.com

“A powerful, highly recommended, and cautionary tale about the dark side of fertility science.”—Midwest Book Review

“This is a gripping, read-in-one-sitting story. Highly recommended!”—Marlyn Beebe, librarian

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