Collected here are twenty-four dark, quirky, eccentric stories. Trent Zelazny will surprise you, entertain you, and take you places you’ve never been before. A new strong, confident voice has arrived. Zelazny could have chosen to make a career of covering the same ground that his father had already plowed. Instead he has chosen to strike out on his own and prove right out of the gate that he is his own man. “Trent Zelazny is off and running. I have someone new to admire.” -Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Award winner and seven-time Bram Stoker Award winner “Trent Zelazny is a master of tension, frisson, madness, and mayhem. I love the way he writes and read everything I can get my hands on. You should do the same.” -Gerald Hausman, author of Time Swimmer and Castaways “A gift for storytelling is in Trent Zelazny’s genes. It’s a pleasure to crack open his book and let him carry you away.” -Charles Ardai, Edgar and Shamus Award winner “You can tell Trent Zelazny is having fun when he’s writing, because his work is so much fun to read … You should try it sometime.” -Brian Knight, author of Broken Angel and Sex, Death & Honey “Trent Zelazny pulls off ideas most other writers wouldn’t dream of, never mind attempt. That he succeeds is testament to the length of his imagination and the breadth of his talent. He will not live long in the literary shadow of his father, but will soon take his rightful place beside him as one of the most important writers of the fantastic this country has produced.” -Garrett Peck

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