A beautiful woman killing vampires…

A bad guy, nicknamed The Beast…

A Vampire Hangout, Blood Bar…

And a sexually bent woman, Kim Bennett…



Blood Bar by Norm Applegate

“Move towards me, tilt your head, I’m feeling
greedy; give me all of you.”



Blood Bar is Norm Applegate’s third book. It’s a vampire
thriller about a woman Erin Roberts, who never smiled a day in her life except
when she was killing vampires. Expect a healthy dose of action: murder, sharp
blades, carve in, carve out, blood spills, graphic, sexual.




Applegate creates a very graphic and violent
story filled with blood, gore, and sex. - THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS



Think Anne Rice meets Thomas
Harris and Stanley Kubrick in a dark alley. - GIRLS JUST READING


When the readers of Twilight grow up, they will
thoroughly enjoy the gritty style of Applegate’s storytelling. - Martha A. Chives



It is not often that a book can hook a reader
within the first page, but Blood Bar did that and more. - CAFE OF DREAMS

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