Seven Sins, Seven Stories

Ronald C. Flores
Life in the Uncommonwealth Press , English
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There is nothing common about the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and there is nothing common about these stories. Sin is universal, but the characters in these seven tales celebrate it in odd and original ways.

There is the angst and anger of a barely sane boy in a bar in San Juan, a vengeful country widow who buries her miserly man in a sea of expensive silk, a lust-crazed lad who wants to be cured by castration, a village idiot spooked out of love, a lost infant who may find her way home too late, an operatic ode to gluttony, and a sassy girl-child who sashays her way to womanhood.

Rarely has local color been splashed on a canvas of words as brightly as in this collection. If you like your fiction short and exotic, and your sins served up in a singular fashion, you’ll love these tropical tales.

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