Dealing with insecurity will provide the security you need to make that discovery. A lack of information produces an abundance of misunderstanding. If you do not conquer fear, fear will conquer you. Fear will contain you. It will box you in. Fear will terrorise your mind to destroy it if you allow it.

„X Are you scared by the credit crisis affecting our global economy?
„X Are you terrified by terrorists?
„X Are you afraid you might catch Swine Flu, Birds Flu¡K?
„X Do you fear for your children when you drop them off at school?
„X Are you worried that someone might attack you in the streets?
„X Has the youth gangs put fear in you?
„X Is Debt causing you to worry?
„X Do you struggle with self-confidence?
„X Is your weight a cause for worry?
„X Are you afraid of dying, flying, water, closed spaces, etc¡K?
„X Have you ever felt like something or some kind of unseen force held you back?

Contrary to popular belief, fear comes through words and images. It has a force behind it, whether mild fears or more intense traumatic experiences. There is a very strong negative ¡¥presence¡¦ or energy at work. It amplifies your normal warning signals relayed by neurons to and from the brain.

You are a book away from discovering how fear operates; where it comes from, how it affects your mind and more importantly how to get rid of it for good. From now on you¡¦ll enjoy life without fear because you¡¦ll know what to do whenever fearful emotions show up. You deserve the best in life ¡V free from fear.

No More Fear will show you how. You¡¦ll be glad you read this book.

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