The Hands-On Guide to Flash Video is a professional reference book written by industry experts that are currently helping professionals produce Web video and implement Flash Media Server. This book covers Flash Video production from soup to nuts, beginning with how to configure your camcorder and ending to advanced server techniques like bandwidth detection and FMS logging and reporting. Real word lessons from case studies of successful Flash Video deployments are also included.

Supplemental files located at: www.flashvideobook.com

By reading this book, you’ll learn to:

Shoot high quality video for streaming
Choose the best encoder and encoding techniques for producing Flash Video
Deploy Flash Video via progressive download or via the Flash Media Server.
Create and light a compression friendly set
Deinterlace and preprocess your video prior to encoding
Choose encoding parameters like data rate, resolution and frame rate
Optimize encoding with Sorenson Squeeze, Flix Pro and the Adobe Flash Video Encoder
Shoot and produce chromakey video for alpha channel delivery
Customize a Flash player via skinning, and use Cue Points for navigation
Setup, install, and maintain Flash Media Server

Key Features Include:

Advanced Flash Media Server guidance and support
Tecniques for shooting Web video specifically for Flash streaming
Author tips from “in the trenches” experiences from two industry experts
Case studies show you real-world examples of successful Flash video deployment

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